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   Seven years ago the  AMPHITHEATRE BACKPACKERS  
"New Year's Jol" began to attract more and more people from far and wide and the beast of a party asked to be named.
The uKhahlamba Drakensberg - DRAGON MOUNTAIN - which stretches across the panoramic view of the festival grounds helped to inspire the name. 
The 150 km length of basalt runs like a reptilian spine, separating the  Kingdom of Lesotho from South Africa.  

In winter the berg is brushed with a dusting of snow often foiling climber’s attempts to summit its peaks. At night local communities and hikers use fire for warmth and cooking, in the mornings mists rise to become the dragon’s smoke. Local folklore speaks of a Water Dragon that lives in Woodstock Dam, All hail Smoking Dragon!

As time has passed the Dragon has multiplied and now smaller festivals (like the SMOKING DRAGON ADRENALIN FESTIVAL) have sprung up over the course of the REST OF THE year.