• I would like to go to the festival with my whole family, including small kids of the age of 7 and 9. Is it suitable?
  • Of course you can bring your whole family – we offer a special kids zone and babysitting services at night. But please note that you must book beforehand. 
  • I purchased a ticket online – but I did not get a physical ticket sent to me. Is that correct?
  • When you buy a ticket online you will receive a confirmation email just shortly after the purchase. On that confirmation email you will be issued an order number. Bring that email with you (either printed out or on your smartphone) and your order number with you – so you have all the details we need to know once you arrive at the festival gate. We will then issue you with a wristband.
  • We are a group of friends, and have all purchased under the same online booking, but we will not be showing up together.
    • Please make sure, that everybody knows the name of the main organiser and that they get a copy of the confirmation email and are aware what order number you are sharing.
  • I bought a ticket for the VIP zone – do i have to bring my own tent or is it included in the ticket price?
    • If you bought a ticket for the VIP zone you have to bring your own camping gear. But there are ECONOMY TENTS available.
  • I bought three tickets, but my friends can not make it to the festival anymore. Do I get a refund for the tickets that I do not need?
    • Unfortunately we do not do refunds. So if you bought a ticket that you don't need anymore – try to find a new owner and sell the ticket to them yourself. Just make sure that they know the correct order number. Please drop us an email and let us know about the new ticket holder's name – so there will not be any problems when he wants to enter the festival. 
  • I read about the PINK TENT on the website and I am really interested in visiting it – do I need a special entry ticket?
    • No – the PINK TENT is open for everybody and all are welcome to have a look and socialise. It does not matter if you bought a day pass, a basic festival ticket or a VIP zone ticket – you will always be allowed to go in.
  • I am a student and on a small budget – are there special discounts available?
  • There are no discounts for students available as we have tried to keep all prices as low as possible. We are running competitions and specials throughout December however.
  • Can I drive with my car to the camping area? And can I use my car in the camping area during the festival?
    • There will be no parking available in the campsites. There are designated camping areas